One-On-One Instruction
The most effective learning occurs with individual attention.  Lesson lengths are 30min, 45min, or 1 hour.  Additional lessons may be scheduled if desired.

Music Theory
All students are required to learn about music theory, as it is a part of lessons.  Learning theory can enhance piano playing and help students gain appreciation for music.

Ear Training/Sight-Reading 
It is critical to train the ears as well as learn to play at first sight. When a student is ready, Mr. Tyson incorporates this into his or her lessons.

Music Appreciation
Music appreciation ties in and solidifies learning acquired during lessons. Students will learn how to listen and appreciate various styles of music.

Performance workshops are held to provide additional public playing opportunities for students not only in The John Tyson Piano Studio, but for any piano student in the area. Two annual recitals are held every year!

Royal School of Music Exam
Interested students are encouraged to take the ABRSM Examination. Students are prepare by learning select piano repertoire and strong fundamentals in proper technique.

Supplementary Materials
Additional worksheets and sheet music to supplement lesson books are provided at no additional cost. 

Who Should Take Piano Lessons?
Students ages 5 and up who are interested in piano and willing to make the efforts are welcomed in the studio.

Duration and Length of Lessons
Lessons are generally given once a week.  However, if a student wishes to have additional lessons, he or she may schedule them.

Music Listening
Students are given many examples of audio recordings or videos to listen to and watch each week to increase their knowledge of music history and musical repertoire.